Seagull S6

At about $400, Seagull S6 Original Acoustic is easily the best quality acoustic guitar in it's price range.
When I first strummed and picked a Seagull S6, I had no idea what amazing response, feel and playability I would get  from this modestly priced gem!  I had no choice but to really strum it loud to see how it resonated.
The harder I jammed on this amazing, standard sized dreadnought guitar, the better it sang!
Although it is priced very modestly in the beginner to lower intermediate player range, professional guitar players are taken back by it's quality craftsmanship, durability, beautiful sound projection and silky smooth playability.
Who is a Great Fit for this guitar?
1- Beginner who wants a guitar he or she can play even once they become an advanced player
2- Any style player- accommodates all styles - strumming, blues, finger-picking, jazz, rock, classical etc.
3- Intermediate who is looking for a long-lasting quality performance & recording guitar on a budget
4- Professional player who wants an $800 to $1000 quality acoustic at a $400 budget level
5- Anyone who wants a professional quality guitar at an entry level price
When I first heard of Seagull Guitars, I already owned another high-end Canadian brand acoustic guitar which retailed at over $3,000, so I knew that some Canadian companies could make very fine guitars, but I was not expecting much at this price range.  
The Seagull S6 is a historical winner of many awards, and I understand why.  The combined Canadian quality of excellent craftsmanship with fine tone woods, tuning keys and construction "ingredients", the Seagull company, owned by Godin Guitars, simply does not skimp when it comes to quality in the materials or the manufacturing.  
"The Original" S6 by Seagull best represents this quality Seagull philosophy, according to the Seagull company
And, although this guitar is priced at the "entry level" guitar range, it could easily be enjoyed by a professional without complaint or criticism.   That's how good this guitar is!
The Original Seagull S6 offers entry level, intermediate and advanced players the chance to experience the great, silky smooth feel and outstanding projection and sound provided by a beautiful, hand finished neck, quality selected, book-matched solid Cedar top and an Original Seagull S6 custom polished finish.
A summary of quality materials and fine construction:
Top : Book-matched, pressure tested Solid Cedar for responsive, warm sound
Back & Sides : Canadian Wild Cherry for a projecting profile similar to a Mahogany and Maple Blend
Neck : Strong, Silver Leaf Maple for long life and durability
Fingerboard & Bridge : Rich, beautiful Rosewood
Nut & Saddle : Compensated (better tuning) Tusq® for excellent sound transfer
Truss Rod : Double Functioning, adjustable 
Finish : Semi-Gloss, Custom Polished Finish for great projection and crisp sound
The top of the Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar is hand-selected, solid, book-matched cedar for a beautiful, warm and projecting sound.  The back and sides are made from a lighter colored / grained, beautiful domestic wild cherry which provides a unique tone crisp and balanced, similar to a tone quality between Mahogany (strong mid range) and Maple (bright and crisp top range).  The chrome tuners are high quality tools, sure to last the life of the guitar and keep it in tune among various environmental conditions. The neck is crafted from a very strong, stiff Silver leaf maple with a slightly shorter 24.84" scale and a rosewood fret board which is smooth and easy on the fingers.  
What some owners and other reviewers have said:
One word - Wow. Okay, maybe two words - Holy Wow! For what is supposedly an entry-level/beginner guitar, this thing has tremendous sound. Not only that, but the factory setup is absolutely fantastic.  Reviewed by Skippy, seagull-s6-rating (5 star rating)
I love my Seagull. It sounds great, it feels great, and I can't put it down in my free time.  T. Hammer seagull-s6-rating
After 42 years of playing unsatisfying guitars. . .I chose the Seagull Original S6 because it sounds great, feels good and plays so very well. . . even when played right after all-solid more expensive guitars.  - Patty C.  seagull-s6-rating
seagull-s6-original-bag-standThe Seagull S6 Original has consistently scored 5 stars at, but you can also purchase the Original Seagull S6 Acoustic guitar with a beautifully embroidered Seagull Gig bag and stand for about $20 more (a $75 combined value if bought separately)
The tubular guitar stand is great for storing it in your jam room, music room, on stage or in the studio.  It is a light-weight, hollow tubular design, perfect for this standard size guitar, and very light-weight.  
The Seagull S6 Gig Bag is made of a durable nylon, with reinforced / padded sides to protect the guitar during short travel.  It is also very aesthetically pleasing with black and brown design and embroidered beautifully with the Seagull Logo and Seagull Brand name.  It has additional pocket space for picks, music, cords, and all other necessary gig items while taking your Seagull S6 over the road, to your church, or to your local open-mic or gig location.
The Gig Bag and guitar stand are worth about $75 separately and the complete package is available for about $419.  
The Acoustic Electric Version of the the Original Seagull S6 is called the Q1 (for Quantum 1 Electronic Pickup)
For about $540 (about $100 to $120 more) you can get an acoustic electric version of the same great Seagull S6, featuring Godin's quality Q1 Pre-amp and pickup already installed.  This is the same great quality acoustic guitar, but you can plug it in to an amp or use it to record or perform.  Albeit, it is not a blending pickup, (does not have a microphone combined with the piezo-electronics) the plugged-in sound of this guitar is wonderfully balanced for any performance.  For studio recording, you would want to possibly use a studio quality microphone, which is what they do in Nashville studios anyway, to achieve that 100% natural, acoustic wood recorded sound.  However, if you are not a top recording and touring professional, 99% of people are not able to truly distinguish the sound differences.
The Quantum 1 is the on-board EQ and pickup produced by Godin (the parent company) for Seagull guitars.

The Godin EPM Quantum I acoustic Pre-amp pickup and EQ system has a very simple design and an outstanding performance for a pickup in this price range. In combination with the transducer, the EQ control range and frequency content have been specifically contoured to provide a very rich and full sound reproduction resulting in performance seen only in far more complex systems.  The Q1 is a beautifully crafted, pewter plated, single source, saddle transducer system, taking the vibrations from the top and body and transmitting them to an optimized electronic signal after being filtered through the on board, adjustable EQ settings.  It features a rotary volume knob, and gives you full, fine tuned control over the bass, mid and treble frequencies to get the balanced tone you want for any style of play or music, with 2 other rotary knobs for high and low adjustments.   The richness and contouring of sound from this guitar and pickup system are comparative of guitars in a much higher price range.
The Godin Q1 also includes a high quality, built-in digital chromatic tuner with LED display, so you never have to worry about being out of tune.
Quantum 1 EQ / Preamp Features include
  • Single source : Saddle Transducer
  • All rotary tuner EQ knobs- volume - bass - treble
  • Digital tuner build in with LED display for easy tuning 
  • Shielded metal enclosure with beautifully designed Pewter plate
  • A long lasting, 200 hour battery life average

You can read more reviews and specifications about the Seagull S6 Original QI (Acoustic Electric) here.

*The Quantum 2 blender (containing both saddle transducer and condenser microphone) is only available with the Seagull Artist Series priced around $1500
The Seagull S6 Original also comes in other options & styles:
LEFT- HANDED: Seagull S6 Original Left-Handed Model QI Guitar can be found here. . .  
SLIMMER GUITAR NECK (at the NUT) -  The Seagull S6 Original Slim QI Guitar retails for around $529, and has the Godin Q1 pickup system.  It is very similar to the original S6, but has a thinner neck width (1.72 inches - 4.37 cm) than traditional widths (about 1.75 inches for steel string and 2 inches for classical) at the "nut" which is at the top of the neck near the head and tuners, so it is slightly easier to chord and play for people with average to smaller hands.  Some people prefer a thinner nut width than traditional width, for ease of holding and chording, or personal preference, comfort and feel.  It is also recommended for people with slightly shorter fingers or smaller hands, but is not a significant or major difference from the traditional nut width, just a slightly lighter feel on the chording hand (left hand for a right handed player).  
SLIM with Natural / Sustainable Woods - Seagull Slim Dreadnought QI EQ Natural - The Natural S6 Series from Seagull features actual "Eco-friendly" alternative tone woods from Quebec, Canada.  The 3 significant, naturally beautiful woods utilized are Cherry Wood, Heart of Wild Cherry and a figured Maple  The Maple is significantly beautiful in that it is randomly inlaid with Amber trails, which makes each guitar design very unique.
There are a total of 7 different "finishes" you can purchase in the Seagull S6 Series depending on personal aesthetic preferences.
You can read more of other people's reviews, different specs for Seagull S6 models, and get the best price and deliverability guarantee here at