Yamaha FG 700S Bundle

The Yamaha FG 700S Bundle

The best acoustic guitar package for under $250.

Yamaha has gone one step further in packaging its FG700s, which has been the best selling beginner to intermediate guitar over the past several years.

They have taken their all-star selling dreadnought acoustic guitar which normally retails around $200, and added many accessories that are essential for a guitar player.


The total value of all of the accessories in this bundle are worth approximately $500, but you can find this great deal on Amazon.com for only $249.

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate player, or an advanced player looking for a travel guitar that sounds and plays great without dishing out hundreds of dollars, or if you are looking to buy the perfect acoustic guitar package for a beginner or intermediate player that you love, the Yamaha FG700s Acoustic Guitar Bundle is easily the best quality and bang for your buck.

The Yamaha FG700S acoustic guitar alone normally sells new for about $199 - $215, depending on the seller, site, and season, however, the bundle has all of the necessary items to give the beginner or intermediate player the best package for the money.

Included in this great value package are:

  • The #1 Selling Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar
  • Yamaha's Gearlux custom fit hard shell case (to protect the guitar)
  • Gearlux Shoulder Strap (for playing gigs or standing while playing)
  • A Gearlux  tubular guitar stand
  • The Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD to get off to a fast and successful start
  • Extra set of strings
  • Digital Tuner to get the guitar and ear trained correctly from the beginning
  • Trigger Capo- similar to the famous Keyser Capo
  • String Winder for faster changing of the strings
  • And a quick start DVD

The Yamaha FG700s guitar alone has been the #1 selling acoustic guitar in the $200-$300 price range for many years, and is the choice acoustic guitar for beginners and intermediates by professional teachers across the globe, not just in the USA.

The Yamaha FG700s acoustic guitar is made from quality nato sides and back, with a sitka spruce, solid top giving it excellent, balanced sound across all 3 major EQ frequencies, Bass, Mid-range and Treble.

This guitar and guitar bundle also sells constantly on Amazon.com with consistent reviews at 4.5 stars.

The guitar features die-cast chrome tuners, for long life and excellent tuning performance in all kinds of humidity and temperature conditions, although there are optimal temperatures and humidity levels at which to maintain the life of any acoustic guitar, being that it is made mostly of wood.

The FG700s Acoustic Guitar Bundle also features a rich, Rosewood fingerboard for durability, great feel and playability across the entire fret board.

Some important and frequently asked questions are:

Question: Does this guitar come tuned?  I have heard guitars out of tune before and they can sound awful if not in tune, and can be difficult for beginners to tune properly.:

Answer:  Most guitars that are shipped can be expected to be out of tune somewhat.  They are tuned at the factory, but shipping conditions can alter this.  Fortunately, with the clip on digital tuner that comes with the FG700s Bundle, the beginner can tune each string with 100% confidence because of the accuracy of the digital tuner.  Whether the player has a good ear for pitch or not, the tuner can help any player of any level tune this guitar daily with confidence that the guitar will be in tune.  Also, with the quality of craftsmanship and the die-cast chrome tuners, one can expect the guitar to stay in tune because these tuners are a quality product and consistent.

Question:  Does it matter if the player is right or left handed?

Answer:  Some players learn to play right-handed, even if they are left handed in all other things.  If a left-handed person decided to learn to play this guitar left-handed, he or she can simply reverse the order of the strings, or they can order a left-handed version.  The left handed version will be different in that the pick guard will be placed on the opposite side to protect the guitar from strumming.  To be sure, call to order a left-handed version, but a left-handed person can learn to play a right-handed guitar, just as easily as he or she can learn to play a left-handed guitar.  In addition to learning to play right-handed, a left-handed person will have access to many more guitars at a competitive price as he or she advances, because the majority of guitars are built for right-handed players.

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What some others have said about this product:

This Yamaha FG700S bundle is a great starter package for those who want to start playing guitar. I did a lot of online research to find out which guitars were best (sound quality vs price), and this one came out on top of at least 3 of 5 reviews. . .
This is a much better deal than anything we had available in our local music store.
The packaging was secure and quick. No damage, and received in two-days with free-shipping.
Bought this Yamaha FG700s Acoustic Guitar Bundle for my 15yo son's birthday. He has been wanting to learn and this bundle seemed like it would have everything he needed to get started except a tutorial book. He took this guitar over to his friend's house and all the guys were impressed with the quality of the guitar.
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