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True Story:
When I was younger, about 20 years ago, my parents bought my first acoustic guitar for Christmas.  I knew nothing about guitars except for the fact that I wanted to learn to play.  
As I got better, I realized that the tonewoods, sound profile and projection of my old guitar were not what I wanted.  I had played and heard other guitars with richer sounds, overtones and a crispness that were not coming out of my guitar.  So, I saved up money (a lot for a 20 something) and began a 3-4 year quest to find the best acoustic guitar I could afford at the time.
I had no idea it would take this long, but I was picky and wanted to know exactly what makes a guitar give it the sound qualities it projects.  I had played Taylors, Martins, Larrivees, Yamahas, Takamines, and a lot of other brands I cannot even remember.  
I settled on a professional guitar (that I am not going to disclose) and I love it and play it to this day.  It is a dreadnought model, and is made with Sitka Spruce for the top, and deep Brazilian Rosewood for the sides and back, and has a high gloss finish.  
The result. . .
an acoustic guitar I would never trade, period.  
Thanks to the 3-4 years of searching, playing reviewing and losing sleep over finding the right fit, I finally did.  However, the work of this site is all my own, and I work to present the best personal reviews that are also my own work and are honest to the best of my abilities as a guitar enthusiast, teacher, student, composer, writer and acoustic guitar nut!  
This site is to help people steer away from junk guitars at any price range (there's a lot of over-priced, low quality stuff out there - as well as a lot of bargain gems out there).  By educating yourself in all the aspects of how a quality guitar is made, and how the different woods and craftsmanship affect the tone qualities, subtleties and playability, you will be far more confident in making a purchase than simply reading reviews and taking someone else's word for it.  
What I love in a guitar sound might not be the choice of other players, however, my approach in this site is to teach and equip the guitar enthusiast or shopper to make the best decision for his or her taste, preferences and money so he or she is not disappointed like I was. 
What do you want to study next?
Additional notes:
This is a real working mans' website, published by a regular guy, Aaron Schulman, who loves acoustic guitars (and has for over 20 years) and has worked very hard to review the guitars exhibited on this site. All reviews on this site are his own work and are his personal, real life reviews. . All of the reviews and information on this website is his personal work and true to the best of his expertise in over 20 years in playing, teaching, writing and performing with the acoustic guitars he have owned.  He has not owned every guitar on this site, but has personally reviewed them all and has given his honest feedback.
Aaron Schulman
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